I've had the very good fortune to work with many terrific and talented people over the few years I've been taking photos.  I've also encountered organisations who graciously helped out, usually by letting me shot particular locations or with photo-passes.
Here, in no particular order, are (as many as I can remember), those people and bodies.  My sincerest thanks to them all for being involved and putting up with any of the mad ideas and requests I've made.
(This list is not exhaustive and will be updated, as well as adding links to those here that have relevant photography related pages)
Thanks :)

Jocelyn Deegan                            Roisin Corrigan                               Suzanne Moran    
Rachel Power                                        MCD                                              Lydia Morgan
Amanda Wiseley                                 Aoife Hardiman                               Sally Wong
Nicky Wong                                The GAA Museum                              Debra Kretzer
Rachel Lally                             The Lunaghsa Festival                          Deirdre Lynam
Trishia Leslie                                   Sarah Greene                                Siofradh Grattan
Miss Steph Zombie                                Lilly DiVine                             Nicole 'Ballsy Wallsy'
Gabrielė Ajauskaite                     Melissa Maria Carton                             Sophie Taylor
Laura Adams                Jadye Parkes         Kay Fagan         Aisha Baraut
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Olive :)